Friday, 11 May 2007

Fair Weather Friends

Another big news issue in Bajenland lately is speculation on where Jeffrey Aubynn will be playing after the transfer window opens in June. I will decline commenting on the events that have led to his imminent transfer, because frankly, I don't think they are anywhere near as important as his agent and some Swedish journalists do (or did). Suffice it to say he and the club have failed to agree on a contract for next season, and things have gone a little sour.

The different possibilities have been narrowed down to Ålesund in Norway, IFK Göteborg in Sweden, an unnamed club in the Coca Cola Championship (England, although why anyone reading this would need that help I couldn't possibly fathom), and another unnamed club in Switzerland. I have a preference in this case, actually, and have tried to take into consideration my own interests as a Hammarby fan as well as those Jeff holds in furthering his career as a footballer.

I hope he will move to Ålesund. The money will be good (obviously this is one of his interests, and I am not being judgmental here, who wouldn't want more money?), and I think he could do well for that club. The Swiss league has been (it seems to me at least) a great way for Swedish footballers to go nowhere fast, and the Coke Championship is... how shall I put this... not, perhaps, the right environment for a footballer whose capacities are optimised for matches only 70 minutes long, who hates taking on pressing responsibility in defense, and whose temper is easily exploited by the opposition. I think he would not last long there. His qualities would come in handy for a team that has been struggling of late as his individual qualities, vision and great passing are very useful for a counter-attacking team (I don't know too much about Ålesund but considering the other Tippeliga teams have made them their bitches I assume they spend a lot of time defending and hoping to break away...). He also produces his best football when he stands out in the squad as one of the more creative and skilled players (like it or not, this is true of some players).

Considering his skill would make him stand out in IFK (subtle dig that, you're welcome...), how come I don't want him there? In fact, this would be my least favourite option. Why? Because Jeffrey Aubynn, while not my favourite Hammarby player, is a player I would absolutely hate to see in an opposing side. His ability to produce unexpected moments of brilliance would be a constant source of anxiety, and I have a feeling his emotional reaction to donning the blue and white stripes to hit the field and face Bajen in the aftermath of the events that have passed might GIVE HIM THE FOCUS AND STAMINA TO LAST AND PERFORM AT TOP CAPACITY FOR 90 MINUTES. I would not want any Allsvenskan side to have a player like that, unless it was Hammarby.

For these reasons, I wish Jeff the best of luck abroad, and hope he will find good employment. Being an "utlandsproffs" is also an unofficial (and ridiculous) prerequisite for being picked for the national side*, and he would make a great Sweden sub for the games where the dull defensive game Sweden often deploys for is not working out.

Incidentally, this post should hopefully reveal my "blogger ethos". I will try to be fair, if not entirely balanced (I am a fan after all), without holding back my opinions. This might make me a bully (hehe) in the eyes of some, but they would more likely than not be equally unbalanced in their pursuit of their own agendas. Simply put, I think it would be best for everyone if Aubynn found a different league to play in. Maybe he could do well for Twente (I know they have an opening they need a low budget solution for)?

*) There are exceptions, of course, but no relevant ones, as the players I am referring to here don't belong in the national side anyway...

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