Sunday, 13 May 2007

All's Well that Ends Well

I'm going to focus on the positives:

  • We managed to beat a team that defended with 14 players (counting the ref and linesmen).
  • Heidar scored.
  • Richard Kingson was absolutely fantastic today.
  • This win HAS to be good for morale.
  • Paulinho scored another goal (ok so it won't help us in the table, but it was a good goal).
Beyond that, I will mention the middle of the second half, which was the weakest football we've produced this season. I will mention how my post below was SO wrong about several things that happened.

But I left with a smile, and so did everyone else I saw. Thank god for undeserved victories, they are the stuff of champions!


Bajen nel cuore said...

Grande Bajen!

Skönt med tre poäng, trots bitvis ruttet spel. Åsså torskar jurgårn...hoho

Anonymous said...

yo, angående designen, lite som italianosidan med bilder och video var det jag menade. Keep up the good work och hör av dig ifall du behöver assistans: Altobelli

I Heart Hammarby said...

Fixade, ser det ok ut? Tar fortfarande glatt emot redaktionell hjälp enligt ditt löfte ;)

Anonymous said...

kan skicka över en inför matchen ikväll på ditt nick på

Anonymous said...

mailat över lite matrial till din mail, kolla!

Anonymous said...

Altobelli / Italianosidan behöver all hjälp den få. I alla fall med italienskan. Men ryck för faen inte in där. Så skönt att få skratta så tårarna rinner :-)